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Mutse Young 3月 27, 2024

尝试最近非常火的文生音乐网站 Suno AI,文生歌曲,太有趣了!


Whispering Woods

In the depths of the woods, where the secrets reside
There’s a melody playing, a haunting lullaby (ooh-yeah)
The wind softly whispers, through the leaves in the trees
And it tells of the magic, that’s hidden beneath

[Verse 2]
As the sun starts to set, painting colors in the sky
The forest comes alive, with a gentle sigh (ooh-yeah)
The birds sing their chorus, as the day turns to night
And the stars start to twinkle, with the moon as their guide

Listen, oh listen, to the whispering trees
Feel their breath on your skin, as they sway in the breeze
Let the music of the forest, fill your heart and your soul
In the hush of the night, where dreams take their toll

心中的微笑 (Smile in My Heart)

欢快的旋律 回荡在心间
青春年华 无尽的梦想
浪漫之约 温暖的相伴
你眸中的微笑 总是让我感动

[Verse 2]
细小的琐碎 也能成为记忆
宁我无法释怀 回忆在悄悄盛放
青春的岁月 倾情的旋律
你的存在 是我生命的最美